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2021 One Word Challenge

By January 15, 2021No Comments

One word and one challenge.

That’s what I do.

Because that’s what works for me.

When I used to make lists of lofty goals I would forgot by February what was even on the list.

My 2021 – I can
Too many times, in all aspects of my life I tell myself I can’t. I’m tired of that. That’s what I want to work on.

Here are a few things I’ve worked on in the past. These I share purely for ideas, to maybe help prompt you with an idea.

??Previous words/phrases:
2016 – one step at a time
2017 – doing my best (no one else’s best)
2018 – be brave
2019 – trust Him
2020 – continue
2021 – I can

??Previous challenges:
-learn about grass fed meat and figure out where to buy a cow
-learn how to make homemade yogurt
-learn how to cook with sourdough
-add more veggies to meals
-learn how to sprout and cook beans
-drink more water
-find cleaner makeup
-clean up beauty/hygiene products
-start an IG page on healthy eating 🙂

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