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4th of July BBQ

By July 15, 2021One Comment

????????4th of July BBQ ????????

It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing mentality.
It doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
It doesn’t have to be extreme.

Make one little change at a time. One better choice at this BBQ, means its a little better than your last bbq.

One better choice at a time makes healthier eating doable!

We are all at different points of our health journey. So swapping ketchup already might be done at your house. So maybe swap to better buns or better chips or even homemade.

Here are some better choices swaps you could make for your bbq:

Buy ketchup without high fructose corn syrup
Or pickles without yellow 5
Or grassfed hotdogs
Or mayonnaise without inflammatory oils
Or buns without glyphosate
Or maybe you’re ready to try homemade buns
Or maybe you’re ready to try sourdough homemade buns
Or popsicles without artificial dyes
Or make homemade popsicles
Or chips without gmo processed oils
Or add more veggies

See how we are all at different parts of our health journey. Some may say no way to sourdough buns. I’m saying YES WAY to sourdough buns :).

There are so many swaps you could make for your bbq, that would be for the benefit of your health. 

Next post coming, has some cute and fun 4th of July platters, salads, and ways to add fruits and veggies to your BBQ!????????


One Comment

  • Leslie says:

    We recently had a ward outdoor activity, I was to bring a lot of otter pops. There was no way I was bringing those artificial treats for kids. I found the good pops at Whole Foods and everyone raved about them. That was THE HIT of the party! And the socializing! Healthy food at a party is always best

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