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Organic CAN be cheaper!

By May 25, 2021September 28th, 2021No Comments

Gone are the days, when organic is ALWAYS more expensive.

Many times, organic is now cheaper.????????????????

All of these better options here are cheaper!

Thankfully Kroger and Walmart (and other companies) have created organic lines that are comparable to non organic prices.

Why? Because that’s what people are buying! The money speaks!

Organic is not a new trend. It’s a return to how we used to eat.

Organic is not for the elite. It’s for those who will take the time to find that many brands are now cheaper than non organic.

This saying heard often on social media is not right… “Organic is healthier for you.” Why? 

Because eating organic cereal and ice cream everyday does not fuel your body properly.

I educate to fuel your body with nourishing ingredients, in and on your body.

And so if the organic product is actually more nourishing and at a cheaper price, why not buy it?

What does organic possibly mean in the products below?
????Peanut butter – no hydrogenated oils, gmo oils, gmo sugar, peanuts sprayed with different pesticides 
????Oats – no glyphosate sprayed on the oat crops (many oats today are unfortunately dried for harvest using glyphosate)
????Pasta noodles – no glyphosate sprayed on the wheat crops. Same issue as oats
????Applesauce – no high fructose corn syrup or gmo sugar
????Cereal – no artificial dyes, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and no gmos
????Cheese/Meat – cow not given gmo feed, hormones, or antibiotics
????Bread – no glyphosate sprayed wheat, no glyphosate sprayed sugar or oil
????Cookies – no artificial dyes, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, no glyphosate sprayed wheat, no high fructose corn syrup, and no gmo sugar or oils

So let’s stop the myth that organic is always more expensive and a scam. Let’s educate others that many times, its even cheaper in price.

????????just FYI… Kroger goes by different names in different states. Some are Smiths, Frys, FoodforLess, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter, Pic N Save, Ralph’s, and others.

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