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Have you ever thought about what you are licking off your lips all day when using an SPF lip balm? Or what you are rubbing all over your body after a fresh sun burn?

Remember your skin is your largest organ and SOME ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Ingredients of concern in SPF lip balms/chapsticks:

????????Octinoxate, oxybenzone & homosalate:
These ingredients are used as the sunscreens in many lip balms. Some of the issues in a simplified format are:
-endocrine disruption
-reproductive toxicity
-harm to aquatic life (1)

Many lip balms contain petrolatum which is a petroleum derived ingredient. When not refined properly, it can be contaminated with PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). PAHs are a class of chemicals that have been linked to cancer. There is no way to know if the petrolatum has been properly refined unless specified by the company or if it is labeled as white petroleum (2)

????????????????My SPF lip balm uses nourishing ingredients like organic jojoba oil, organic beeswax, zinc oxide, organic essential oils.


In after sun care, look at the artificial dyes that are used.

1️⃣Artificial dyes, including Yellow 5, have been found to be contaminated with benzidine or other carcinogens (3)

2️⃣Yellow dye has mutagenic potential by damaging DNA and causing cells to mutate over time. 
“…this dye had a significant genotoxic effect at all concentrations tested.”
 “…data demonstrate that tartrazine (yellow dye) may be harmful to health and its prolonged use could trigger carcinogenesis.”(4)

3️⃣Blue 1, one of the most commonly used blue dyes, has been linked to ADHD, allergies and asthma. Blue 1 can especially seep into the bloodstream when the barrier of the skin has been impaired through a cut. In order to reduce consumer risk, researchers have recommended that Blue 1 one be banned in certain cosmetic products.(5)

????????I think my serum, Active Skin Repair, and aloe straight from a plant work AMAZING for sunburns!!! Let your skin soak in beneficial ingredients, rather than questionable ones!

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