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72 Hour Kits: What to Have in Yours

By March 25, 2020No Comments

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After working on our 72 hour kits this week here are some tips:

1️⃣Pack it in a type of bag where each child can carry their own. Backpacks work great. (Kids older than toddlers). If you’re leaving in a quick emergency, arms will be full of items and each person needs to carry their own.
2️⃣Rotate items in your bags yearly (don’t follow our example… let’s just say my son who is 9 had baby diapers in his ?).
3️⃣Have a checklist that kids can help put together their own bag. Use the pic below as a checklist.

4️⃣Pack only food they will eat, but nutrient packed food. Freeze dried fruits and veggies, meat sticks, granola bars.
5️⃣Have water in the bags and a way to filter water.
6️⃣Pack clothes for warmth, think gloves, hat, old sweatshirt, emergency blanket, etc.
7️⃣Pack basic hygiene items and toilet paper (or tissues).
8️⃣Have simple medical supplies. Bandaids, active skin repair, hand sanitizer, prescriptions, etc.
9️⃣If you have babies, think diapers, wipes, formula, etc
?If you have toddlers, think entertainment like books, crayons, games, etc.
⏸Consider garbage bags and duct tape for shelter or to stay dry. Ponchos or tube tents work great too.
1️⃣2️⃣Stash a little cash in each bag. Small bills are best.

And one 72 hour kit could carry the items like walkie talkies, solar charging devices, a small tent, radio, extra food, etc.

I hope this blog post helps you feel more prepared in the case of an emergency! For my favorite food storage items, click HERE.

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