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Back to school – Research states 6.4 million American children ages 4-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD (1). So if you have a child going back to school with ADHD, have you asked your doctor these important questions?
Is my child…
Low on magnesium?
Low on vit D?
Low on any b vitamins?
Able to absorb the b vitamins?
Low on iron or zinc?
Low on protein?
Have high inflammation markers?
(Why those? Because they can all contribute to ADHD).
Should they take an omega?
Should they take a probiotic?
Should they take collagen?
Should they take magnesium, vit D, b vitamins, iron, or zinc?
Should they take a methylated b vitamin?
Should they eliminate gluten and dairy, due to inflammation?
Should they take herbs?
Should they take rhodiola?
Should they take ginseng or ginkgo?

Do any of the herbs or supplements interfere with the type of medication they are on?
As a parent, have you…
Removed all of the artificial dyes out of their food and beauty products? 
Eliminated foods and beauty products with artificial preservatives, especially BHT and BHA?
Removed all artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, sucralose, and ace-k?
Eliminated GMO foods?
Provided them lots of whole food options? Or are they consuming a lot of man made chemicals?

Helping a child with a diagnosis, is like solving a puzzle. This is not an overnight, or one solution fix. Finding a solution takes effort on your doctors part and your part. ?Please note that these are purely a check list of items to ask your doctor about, not advice or suggestions that I’m prescribing for all ADHD children. Taking supplements and herbs should be discussed with a doctor?.

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