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How did I get here to Fit Con? 
(I know I’ve shared my story many times, but to some it may be new).

Never in a million years did I think I would be here doing this.

Talking about nutrition.

Selling better choice products.

While being a mom of 6 kids. Because…

Back when I only had 3 kids, I attempted suicide. By the grace of God, it didn’t happen.

For 2 years after, doctor after doctor told me there was nothing I could do to heal. They could only numb the depression. 

They were wrong!

Thankfully I found a doctor who was ahead of her time, and knew there were NUMEROUS reasons why one may be depressed and taught me how to heal.

She knew depression could be due to:
Low vitamin d
Low b vitamins
Low magnesium
Low omega 3s
High inflammation markers
Hormonal imbalances
Food intolerances
Overload of heavy metals
Thyroid issues
Gut issues
Past trauma

15 years later I wanted to share my story and the ability to heal with others. I started an instagram account.

Last year, I went to FitCon just for fun with my brother and sister. While there, I could not find one single pre workout or one protein powder I would buy. I was so frustrated. 

I was in the market for a good clean tasting protein and pre workout.

I wanted ones with whole food ingredients.

That day, I decided I would eventually make a pre workout and protein powder to my standards. I didn’t know how, but I was going to do it.

For the past 6 months, I’ve hustled to make this happen. Not going to lie, I’m a little exhausted today :). 

And again it’s by the grace of God, I get to be at FitCon this weekend.

☀️So as I remind my kids, after every storm comes the sun. And it will for you too. It may just not be tomorrow, or next week, or next year. But if you’re in the middle of a storm right now, hold on to hope that the sun will come. I lost hope when I attempted. Don’t lose hope. Hold on to the hope that someday the sun will come!

If you’re coming to FitCon, I will have all product there, and everything will be discounted!

Protein powders
Organic herbs
Dry shampoo
Face scrub
Lip balm
Spf products
Make up remover cloths

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