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Baby Food

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Baby week – food.

When I was a young mom with babies, I quickly realized 2 things…

1. Buying all prepackaged baby food in the store added up real quick.

2. Not all baby food in the stores was as nourishing as I hoped it would be.

So I quickly learned that my babies could eat just whatever I was eating. I didn’t have to buy the store bought food (ok I had some on hand for diaper bags, convenience, etc).

But when first transitioning the babies from breastfed to some foods, I would take whatever vegetables we were eating at dinner (or even our dinner itself) and blend it in a blender for the babies. And because they eat so little, I would store the remaining in ice cube trays for breakfast or lunch the next day.

This saved me money and helped me feed them nourishing foods.

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