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Baby’s Bedding Tip for New Moms

By May 12, 2020No Comments

Since we’ve been talking about Mothers, here’s a little bedding tip for new moms.

Is the type of mattress and bedding that a baby sleeps on important?

Babies sleep 12-15 hours per night, breathing air from a mattress and sheet that can be 6 inches or less away from their mouth.(1)

But here’s the thing. Many new moms are on a very tight budget (at least I was). So this is not a post saying you MUST buy this type of mattress or your baby won’t grow up right (or some type of guilt trip). I didn’t have these better options for my older kids. So these “what to look for” options are purely to educate you for when shopping and pricing out crib mattresses for that new baby.

3 good certifications to look for in baby mattresses:

1️⃣GreenGuard Gold certified

2️⃣GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard)

3️⃣GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

??Try to avoid in crib mattresses:

1️⃣Polyurethane filling-It is commonly made form petroleum and is highly flammable. Because of this, chemical and flame retardants are used in the foam and/or cover. These chemicals can off-gas VOC’s, especially toluene and even formaldehyde. The EPA states that “exposure to these substances has been demonstrated to cause adverse health effects such as irritation of the lung, eye, mucous membranes, effects on the central nervous system and cancer.”(2, 3)

Naturepedic crib mattresses are:
-100% certified organic
-non toxic
-have all 3 certifications above plus the Made Safe certification

They are also free of:
-flame retardants
-polyurethane foam

Most crib sheets are made of cotton material. As mentioned in previous posts, cotton is a crop that is commonly genetically modified and sprayed with certain herbicides & pesticides. Organic sheets cannot be genetically modified and only certain chemicals can be sprayed on them.
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