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Back to School Dorm Giveaway

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?College here started this week, and I had family and friends moving kids into dorms.

I had someone say to me, “wouldn’t it be great if we were able to teach all high schoolers and college kids about toxins and their health. They’d have such a huge advantage in their adult life if they did.”

So then I started thinking… what do I want to tell my kids about heath, food, toxins, when they go off to college. Posted are the 5 things I would want to tell them.

And then I thought what would be a few things I’d pack for my kids. They are:

-Non toxic laundry soap (Molly Sud’s)
-Non toxic dish soap (Puracy)
-Non toxic beauty/hygiene products (Just Ingredients)
-Better choice non toxic make up (Naked Poppy)
-Hormone help for those stressful college days (Hertime)
-And what dorm doesn’t need air freshener ?So of course a non toxic air freshener (Grow Fragrance)
-And never did I own bamboo sheets as a college student, but why not spoil a winner with them. They are my favorite! (Simply Organic Bamboo)

To enter ?GIVEAWAY?
1️⃣Like this post
2️⃣Tag a college age kid and tell me which college they are attending OR why they deserve this.

?1st place winner – Bamboo bed sheets, bamboo duvet and insert, and Just Ingredient products
?2nd place winner – $100 Gift card to Naked Poppy
?3rd place winner – Puracy soaps, Molly Suds laundry soap, Grow Air Freshener, Hertime hormone balance, Just Ingredient products

?Giveaway closes on Saturday at 8:00pm

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