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? Back to School? – As the kiddos head back to school, the germs head home!! Sooo, I’m excited to be partnering with one of my favorite accounts @shan.tripp who is a pediatric ER nurse to provide you mamas with some helpful tips in keeping your kiddos healthy, and what to do if they do catch a bug! ?

1️⃣FOOD is the best medicine, there is great healing power in food. Make sure that the food they are eating is serving their bodies. Cooking meals with garlic, onion, and lots of veggies is a great idea. Then adding in lots of berries, oranges, and fruits full of antioxidants and vitamin c. Stay away from processed foods and sugar if you can. Bacteria feeds off sugar and can prolong the illness.

2️⃣SLEEP. Make sure they are getting the rest they need. Early bedtimes benefit their little bodies greatly.
3️⃣VITAMINS/SUPPLEMENTS: When our immune systems are down, they need some extra help. There are essential vitamins that can give them the boost to recover. Because our gut houses most all of our immune system it is so important to regularly take probiotics and vitamins B12 & D3 to prevent sickness. If (when) someone does get sick, I recommend adding in zinc, vitamin C, and elderberry to help boost immunity. And then of course water, water, water – don’t worry about feeding them enough food if they have a high fever. It’s easier on the body and more important to just stay hydrated.
So, next time you take your kid to the doctor and they say, “It’s a virus, their is nothing we can do…” — well now you know what YOU can do! ? .

The other pics are some of my favorite supplements! And where is child #6? He now lives in OK serving a mission for our church.

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