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Basics in the Pantry: Marinara Sauce

By March 27, 2020No Comments

Basics for your pantry and food storage – ?Marinara sauce

A basic found in many pantries and an item great for storage is marinara sauce. Most sauces are made with simple whole food ingredients but look out for these 2 ingredients that can sneak into sauce:

1️⃣Added sugar:
When you think of pasta sauce you don’t normally associate it with being a high sugar food. But some sauces can contain up to 35 grams of sugar per jar. Look for marinara sauce that doesn’t have added sugars. If it has sugar but not ADDED sugar, the sugar is from tomatoes, carrots and other vegetables.

Remember the AHA recommends 25 grams a sugar a day for 18 years and younger.

2️⃣Canola oil:
This oil comes from a hybridized version of the rapeseed plant. 90% of canola crops are genetically modified to withstand herbicides, including glyphosate. The process to make canola oil is a lengthy one that includes solvents, bleaching and deodorizing. (1, 2)

On top of being highly processed, canola oil also has a high omega 6 content. A diet high in omega 6’s (more omega 6’s than omega 3’s) can contribute to inflammation which may lead to a whole list of health issues from depression, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and heart disease. (3,4,5)

Better pasta sauces use olive oil which is anti inflammatory and full of antioxidants.(6) .

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