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Basics: Jam + Homemade Recipe!

By March 25, 2020No Comments

Basics in the pantry for storage – ?Jam

When buying items for our food storage, it doesn’t have to be a panic buy and grabbing whatever is left on the store shelves.

A better approach is to put into our pantry better choice products by purchasing a couple of items each grocery shopping trip that can be stored away.

And at Walmart, the Smuckers Natural is cheaper than the regular Smuckers. So there really isn’t an excuse to buy the ?? choice jam ?

As a reminder, the American Heart Association recommend kids 18 and younger should have no more than 25g of added sugar in their daily diet.

Here are some reasons to avoid high fructose corn syrup (HFCS):

❌it is highly processed and typically made from GMO glyphosate sprayed corn.
❌HFCS is also linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (1)
❌a Global Public Health study showed that countries with a high availability of HFCS had a 20% increase in type 2 diabetes (2)
❌research from Princeton University concluded that consuming HFCS leads to “abnormal increases in body fat, especially in the abdomen and a rise in circulating bloods fats called triglycerides”. High concentrations of triglycerides in the blood indicate an elevated risk of stroke. (3)
❌a UCLA study showed HFCS slows the brain, reduces learning and hampers learning. The same study also showed that consuming DHA (an essential omega 3 fat) helped reverse those harmful effects.(4)

And above is how to make homemade strawberry jam! Click here for the Apple Pectin Powder I recommend. If you make this recipe, tag me on Instagram @just.ingredients so I can see. Know anyone who would love to make this recipe? Share the link of this blog post with them!

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