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Things found within the bathroom – bathroom cleaners

How many of us associate a pine or citrus scent with “clean”? Believe it or not, “clean” doesn’t actually have a smell! Fragrance is often used in cleaning products to signal to us that an area or item is now clean.

Another common cleaning concept is that you need different cleaners for everything: toilet, tub, counters, floor, sink and mirror. You can actually do the bulk of your bathroom cleaning with one multipurpose cleaner.

You regularly see the terms “cleaner”, “sanitizer” and “disinfectant” on cleaning containers but what do they mean?
?Cleaning: Done with water, soap or detergent and scrubbing. This removes dirt and germs by wiping them away. This process removes up to 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses from surfaces. .
?Sanitizing: Will reduce the number of germs by 99.9%. Since this does not clean dirty surfaces, it requires the surface to be cleaned first in order to be effective at killing most (but not all) germs. Most all purpose cleaners are sanitizers. .
?Disinfecting: This is a pesticide used to kill or inactivate germs. It only works on clean, non-porous surfaces. Disinfecting kills almost everything and is temporary; as soon as the area is touched again, germs start to grow.
. .??It’s important to remember that most microbes are helpful and only 1% cause disease.

Why not just disinfect if it kills the most germs❓ ❌85,000 commercial chemicals have been developed in the last 60 years yet only the single active ingredient that kill the bacteria/virus/mold has to be labeled on the container.
❌many contain phthalates which are endorcrine disruptors
❌many contain formaldehyde releasors which are carcinogenic
❌many contain quarts, an allergen and linked to reproductive toxicity
❌children’s small bodies are still growing and are less able to expel toxic substances than adults. Researchers estimate that 5% of childhood cancer and 30% of childhood asthma are related to chemical exposures.

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