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BBQ Meats

By November 12, 2020No Comments

??4th of July – BBQ meats

Organic, pasture raised, grassfed, does it all get so confusing?

Pictured above are the BEST options of meat, but of course the most expensive. So some tips:
1️⃣Buying a cow and sharing with someone is a great option.
2️⃣When I see grassfed organic go on sale at places like Trader Joes, I stock up.
3️⃣Local farmers usually sell the grassfed/organic for a cheaper price than the grocery stores.
4️⃣Or meat delivery services can also have great intro sales.
Grassfed and pasture raised are very similar. Imagine a ranch where the cattle or chicken are grazing out on the green hills or soil ?.
These 100% grassfed meats have more omega 3s (helps fight that inflammation) and the nutrient content is greater. That’s why I promote these if you’re going to eat!

Organic means the animals have not been fed gmo feed or been given hormones or antibiotics. But they aren’t necessarily grazing out on the green pastures either. That’s why organic and grassfed together are the best options.

And don’t get tricked by marketing… chicken and pork by law cannot have added hormones. So if the chicken or pork packaging says no added hormones… that’s nothing extra special :).

And if looking for veggie burgers this 4th of July, I have ?? ones pictured above.

My favorite veggie burger though is a homemade one. I love the recipe from This recipe is from her plant based cookbook if interested at checking out more of her recipes.

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