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Better Choice Valentine’s Day Options

By February 12, 2020No Comments

❤️Valentines? – These are commonly used items at Valentines. Some candles, candy, wines, and lubricants use ?? ingredients and thankfully today we have these same products made with ?? (better choice) ingredients.
? Candles – Many candles use paraffin wax which is a petroleum by-product. A 2009 study found that burning paraffin wax candles give off harmful fumes (toluene and benzene) which is linked to asthma and lung cancer. (1)

Beeswax candles, on the other hand, burn clean and produce negative ions. Positive ions cling to dust, mold and odors. Negative ions are attracted to positive ions. Once attracted, they drag them down toward the ground, thereby cleaning and purifying the air. Pictured above are Fontana Candle Company. You can get 15% off with code JUSTINGREDIENTS.
? Wine – Because grapes are one of the most sprayed crops, it is not surprising that a random study of wine showed that 100% of samples tested showed positive for glyphosate. These were all wines out of California and conventional wine had glyphosate residues that were 61 times higher than that of organic wine. Wines from LaRocca Vineyards and Lolonis Vineyards both came back as having no detectable trace of glyphosate.

The President of France declared its intention to create the first glyphosate-free wine region in the world and has plans to phase out glyphosate use in France by 2022. (2,3)

❤️ Lubricants – Many lubricants have parabens, phthalates (endocrine disruptors), and even petrochemicals ??. “… it is well known that the vaginal ecosystem is more sensitive and more absorbent than typical skin”. That sensitive area can easily be irritated and the good bacteria can be harmed by those chemicals. (4)
Pictured above is Coconu that is organic and free of those ?? ingredients. You can get 15% off with code JUST15.
? Candy – organic options. Why buy organic?
Because ORGANIC means:
No high fructose corn syrup
No artificial dyes
No artificial flavors
No artificial sweeteners
No artificial preservatives
No gmos
No hydrogenated oils
No glyphosate sprayed crops
No added hormones in dairy (dairy is in most chocolate)
??Remember, there is always a better choice product out there. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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