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Better Choices for a Romantic Evening

All things Valentines this week-

A romantic evening is common for many on Valentines. And as with all products, we can choose products that have not so great ingredients or products with ingredients that nourish the body and are safe for the body.

????Lubricants and condoms
“ is well known that the vaginal ecosystem is more sensitive and more absorbent than typical skin”. That sensitive area can easily be irritated and the good bacteria can be harmed by those chemicals. (1)

In fact, parabens alone show up in the bloodstream in as little as one hour after a dermal application! (2) Even though the body breaks parabens down quickly, these chemicals show up in urine, breast milk, blood and breast tumors. Women are particularly at risk because they are more heavily exposed to all the parabens that are so common in beauty and hygiene products. (3, 4, 5, 6)

????Bath bombs – Many have artificial fragrance and artificial dyes. Many artificial fragrances contain phthalates. Phthalates are a known endocrine disruptor that mimics estrogen or other hormones in the body. The endocrine disruptor binds to a receptor within a cell and blocks the real hormone from binding. The normal signal then fails to occur. And some studies have shown artificial dyes can be absorbed into skin.(7)

A better bath bomb will include nourishing ingredients that:
-soothe and moisturize skin like shea butter and cocoa butter 
-have antioxidant properties that protects against skin damage like vitamin E 
-use essential oils like eucalyptus and herbs like comfrey root for their anti inflammatory properties 

????Bedding – I love my bamboo sheets! Here’s what makes bamboo a better choice:
1️⃣bamboo is not sprayed with pesticides or insecticides so it’s a cleaner crop. 
2️⃣bamboo is naturally pest-resistant so there’s no need to spray on it
3️⃣bamboo is sustainable because it can be cut down and it regrows quickly. I love this over cotton! Bamboo also requires far less water compared to cotton. 
4️⃣good bamboo sheets are 100% bamboo and don’t have other synthetic blends in them. (8)

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