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Better Choices for Baby Formula

There are so many options for baby formula these days that it can be overwhelming. And the problem is there’s no absolute wrong or right. It’s what’s important to you and your baby’s health, and your budget! All formulas will nourish your baby. These slides are just for information purposes to help you in making your decisions.

This is NOT a comprehensive list!

????????NON GMO – means they did not use the gmo crops of soy, corn, canola, or sugar that survive when glyphosate is sprayed on them. 

????????Organic – means no gmo crops were used. No glyphosate used on any crops. No gmo feed given to the cows. No steroids, hormones, or antibiotics were given to the cows. 25 pesticides/herbicides used rather than the 900+ used on non organic.

????????Why has European baby formula become so popular❓The big difference is in the standards held by the US and Europe. 

Check out the EU standards above on the slide!!!

And many EU contain probiotics/prebiotics (U.S. ones are catching on to this importance) – these have been shown to help infants avoid GI conditions like reflux, constipation, and overall crying. When prebiotics were added to infant formula, babies were shown to have a microbiota resembling that of breastfed babies. They had a lower stool pH, better stool consistency and frequency, and a higher concentration of bifidobacterium in their intestines versus babies fed formula without prebiotics. (2,3)

If I were buying formula, these are the questions I’d ask:
❓Does it include probiotics/prebiotics?

❓Were the cows given growth hormones? Organic varieties won’t use growth hormones.

❓Is there glyphosate-sprayed GMO corn, soy, or sugar? Most likely yes, unless non-GMO or organic.

❓Were the cows given GMO feed? Most likely yes, unless labeled non-GMO or organic. 

❓Is corn syrup or corn syrup solids the first ingredient?

❓What oil is used? Many claim palm oil is hardest on tummies. 

????????I understand that as a new mom finances can be very tight. It was for me. For a less expensive option, Kroger has an organic Simple Truth formula and Walmart has Parent’s Choice Organic formula. If organic is just not in the budget, then try to choose a non-GMO option for formula.

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