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Budget Tip #2 – Do it yourself

There are always ways to live a healthier lifestyle, on any budget.

When on a really tight budget (like no income coming in), I had to learn to just make things myself sometimes, so that I could afford it.

Here are probably the top 10 diy projects I did when on a tight budget, and many I still do!

And remember… do it yourself projects are cheaper…. sometimes.
Things I evaluate:
1️⃣It’s worth your time? If it’s something that takes hours of your time to make, is it worth your time?

2️⃣Is it simple? If it’s too complex, it may not really be worth your time.

3️⃣Is it really cheaper to homemake it? Someone asked me why I didn’t homemake my own ketchup. I said, “for how much ketchup my kids eat, the $.99 I spend on a good organic brand of ketchup (buy on sale) is by far cheaper than buying all the ingredients and my time of making it.”

4️⃣Is the initial investment upfront going to pay off? Like…
-The reusable baby food pouches, is it cheaper to buy those than buy individual food pouches at the store. Yes.
-The instant pot? Will you use it enough to make it worth the cost?
-The grinder/flaker? For me it has saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years, but for someone who isn’t into oats, it would be a waste of money for.

So what DIY project is worth it, will be different for everyone!

What is one of your favorite DIY projects that saves you money?

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