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Building a Healthy Oral Microbiome

So excited to bring you this post written by a holistic pediatric dentist, @doctor_staci for our followers.

Working on building a healthy microbiome❓

✋ Most of us can say YES to that!

But what about your little one’s microbiome❓

Research shows that a child’s microbiome plays a vital role in health AND disease prevention, starting in the womb and extending through adolescence. Since the intestinal and oral microbiomes are connected, starting biome-building routines are vital to the health of your child. 

5 Microbiome Building Products/Activities Kids LOVE:

1️⃣@risewelll Kids Toothpaste – not only does it taste like birthday cake (not just a kid favorite ????) but it also uses Hydroxyapatite- a non-toxic ingredient that remineralizes teeth BETTER than fluoride. If done regularly, brushing breaks up the biofilm to support a healthy oral microbiome. 

2️⃣Oral and Gut Probiotics – @klaire_labs@ionbiome@silverfernbrand make great probiotics that boost the good bacteria in our guts crowd out the harmful ones. @hyperbiotics makes  products specifically targeted at benefiting the good bacteria in our mouths!

3️⃣@risewell Floss and an EZ Flosser – I know, I know, it’s hard enough to get adults to do this task, but flossing reaches the spaces that a toothbrush CAN’T go, so it’s necessary for a healthy overall microbiome. Try using Risewell’s floss (it has hydroxyapatite already in the strands) with an EZ Floss Handle for an easier reach. 

4️⃣@bokaTongue Scraper – it may look silly to do, but KIDS LOVE SILLY! And if you get them in the habit now, you’ll be starting them off with a more robust microbiome to protect them later in life. 

5️⃣Fermented and Nutrient-Dense Foods – as far as fermented, it’s not only sauerkraut these days. There are SO MANY delicious fermented foods. If you’re not patient enough to ferment your own, try @bubbiespickles or some pickled beets with organ meat ???? with @forceofnaturemeats and some veggies. Throw a little raw cheese on top and you will be golden! Have you tried the @eatpluck (organ-based) seasoning? It is so good! FInish off with the @thecoconutcult probiotic yogurt or gelato and your kiddo’s will be ready to thrive!

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