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Dealing with Depression or Anxiety?

By November 19, 2019No Comments

Just like cancer has no one treatment, and infertility has no one cure, depression also has no one treatment and no one cure. Depression is a complex illness. But when battling a health issue, it’s great to look at the whole body and use both eastern and western medicine strategies together.

So if you’re dealing with depression or anxiety, have you discussed these questions with your doctor (and by no means am I claiming fixing one of these situations is like a magic wand and will cure you. Many times it’s a combination of many things that needs to be discussed with your doctor):

Is my vitamin D low? (I like TRUVANI)
Am I low on B vitamins?
Does my body process B vitamins correctly?
Is my magnesium low? (I like TRUVANI)
Am I low on zinc?
Are my hormones balanced?
Are my adrenals working properly?
Is my thyroid functioning well?
Are my inflammation markers high?
Are my omega 6s high?
Do I have a parasite?
Am I off on any some of the major brain chemicals like: dopamine, serotonin, GABA, glutamate, epinephrine, norepinephrine?
Is my cortisol off?
Could I have a metal overload toxicity?
Do I have the MTHFR gene?
Do I have a candida or yeast overgrowth?
Do I have SIBO?
Do I bloat and have food intolerances?
Do I take lots of antibiotics? Does my gut need healing?
Am I on a prescription medication that could be contributing to it?
Do I need to be taking a daily probiotic? (I like SilverFern)
Should I be taking any amino acids?
Should I take glutamine?
Would I benefit from taking 5-HTP?
Should I be taking glutathione to help my liver?
Do I need to deal with my insomnia first?
Do I have PTSD from a traumatic event that needs to be taken care of?
Do I need to change foods that I eat?
Do I need to stop drinking and smoking?
Should I take turmeric? (I like Leefy Organics & TRUVANI)
Are there herbs or adaptogens that would help? (I like Ashwaghanda & Maca

Some questions to ask yourself:

What do I do to detox?
Do I exercise daily?
Do I drink enough water?
Have I removed harmful chemicals from my food?
Have I removed endocrine disruptors from my beauty products?
Have I removed BPA plastic from my food storage containers and water bottles?
Do I have relationships I need to fix?
Do I need to see a functional medicine doctor? Do I need to see a therapist?

And the list could go on. After years of battling with my own depression, I found the most positive changes came from evaluating these questions. If you start to feel overwhelmed, remember: the progress is exciting! Even small, baby steps make a difference. I hope these questions help you just as they have helped me.

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