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?Things found within the bathroom ??- Deodorant

One of the bathroom items you’ve probably heard a lot about over the past few years is deodorant. You may have heard that aluminum is something to avoid. Here’s why and a few other ingredients to look out for:
. ❌Aluminum: this is a metal that is used in antiperspirants to block your pores to keep you from sweating as much. Aluminum concentrations have been found to be higher in the tissue closest to the underarm and some scientists hypothesize it is linked to breast cancer. (1, 2) .
❌Parabens: many deodorants contain parabens (along with aluminum) and both are “estrogenic” chemicals. These type of chemicals mimic estrogen in their interactions with hormones and cells. According to the National Cancer Institute, excess estrogen plays a role in promoting the growth of cancer cells. Dr. Philip Harvey (Jornal of Applied Toxicology) states that these chemicals “significantly add to estrogenic burdens.” (3, 4)
❌Phthalates: These are a plasticizing chemical that are in deodorants and are hidden under the label “fragrance”. Some chemicals in the phthalate group have been labeled as probable human carcinogens and are also endocrine disruptors which are of high concern. (5)
❌other ingredients still found in some deodorants are BHT, talc, artificial dyes, petrolatum, triclosan which are all so unnecessary these days.

Keep in mind when looking for a natural deodorant, many of the products use baking soda and that can be an irritant for some people. It can be trial and error when finding a deodorant that works well with your body’s chemistry! .
??You want to know my favorite deodorant? IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! It’s the Just.Ingredient deodorant that comes out in the end of September. All organic ingredients and no baking soda for those that it causes rashes to!


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