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Depression Tips

By January 15, 2021No Comments

Day 2 – Give Thanks
I’m actually grateful for every day that I’m alive, whether it be a horrible hard day, or an amazing fun day.

I thank God everyday that my attempt at suicide failed. I thank God everyday that he gave me a second chance at life. A second chance to learn how to enjoy each day.

I may mess a lot of those days up, but I’m glad to be alive.
To be a mom to my kids.
To hug and kiss them.
To hear them laugh.
To see them grow into the people they are becoming.
To teach them to be kind.
To feed them nutritious foods.
To help them through this life, which is hard.

If you are dealing with depression, please know ending your life is not the solution, even though you may think it’s the only solution.

Ending your life is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!

??✨PLEASE KNOW THAT DEPRESSION IS A SYMPTOM OF UNDERLYING CONDITIONS! I did not know this. Nor did so many doctors. I went to doctor after doctor for 2 years who all told me they didn’t know what caused depression nor could I heal from it. (Granted this was 15 years ago). We now know better!

Some of my underlying conditions or root problems…I couldn’t absorb b vitamins, I was so low in b vitamins, I was low on vit d and magnesium, my inflammation markers were high, I had food intolerances, my digestion was a mess, my hormones were off balanced, my adrenals had issues, and more…. no wonder why I had depression. The depression was my body screaming for help!

Please know there is help, healing, and immense joy out there! I know! You just have to work for it! Find that doctor or therapist of nutritionist or clinic or whoever that can help you. It’s so worth it!!!

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