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Do I Need to Switch my Mouthwash?

By November 21, 2019No Comments

No, mouthwash is not going to kill you and it’s not going to give you cancer tomorrow. Nor should it be one of your first changes in a health journey.

BUT, think of toxins like snowflakes in a snowball. It takes a lot of snowflakes to actually make a snowball. So in comparison, it takes lots of toxins to make a “toxinball” that harms our health.

We have great detoxers in our body, especially the liver. The detoxers will do their job when not overburdened. The problem is, today we have so many toxins we eat, breathe, and absorb, that our detoxers are overburdened. It’s at this point we start to see health issues.

So if we look at toxins as a cumulative effect, mouthwash is just one more toxin to remove from building that “toxinball” like snowball ?

Concerns about mouthwash:

Conventional mouthwash can destroy the bacterial balance in your mouth (get rid of the good bacteria), work against the natural remineralization of your teeth, dry out the skin, cause imbalances in pH levels, worsen bad breath, cause mouth ulcers, increase your risk for oral cancer, contribute to development of gingivitis, and more.

Just like you need good bacteria for your gut health, you need good bacteria to support your oral microbiome. Mouthwash will destroy good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria can decrease the rise for common issues like cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath.

INGREDIENTS to be careful of:

1️⃣ Alcohol – this dries out your mouth. Your saliva can bring phosphorous, magnesium, and vitamin k2 onto the teeth.
2️⃣ Chlorine Dioxide – this is a bleaching agent and the CDC states it’s a “hazardous gas.” (1)
3️⃣ Chlorhexidine – this is the main ingredient that serves as an antiseptic to kill bacteria. It is an allergen. (2)
4️⃣ Parabens – endocrine disruptor (3)
5️⃣ Poloxamer 407 – known to cause high amounts of fats in the blood in animals. More research is needed on this for humans.(4)
6️⃣ Formaldehyde – number of issues including skin reactions, elevated cancer risk, respiration problems. (5)
7️⃣ Artificial dyes
8️⃣ Artificial sweeteners
9️⃣ Artificial flavors

Mouthwashes I recommend:

Lumineux | Dr. Brite | Auromere | JASON | Desert Essence | Tom’s of Maine

And more good choices can be found on Amazon. If you are just now starting on your health journey, your mouthwash does not need to be amongst your first switches. A cheat sheet for the first top ten switches I recommend can be found HERE. When I was first starting out, I would simply replace old products with better ones once they were finished up. I believe that taking small steps like this towards a healthier and non-toxic life are what creates a sustainable difference! What do you think? And for my blog post about toothpaste, click HERE.

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