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Do I Need to Switch my Toothpaste?

By November 21, 2019No Comments

Once again, toothpaste isn’t going to kill you. But we never know which toxins are causing what health issues. So eliminating as many as possible, is a great goal. Here are some things to look at in toothpaste.

What to look at in toothpaste:

???Triclosan-this antibacterial chemical was BANNED in products like hand soap in 2016 due to insufficient evidence that it is safe. However, it’s still allowed in toothpaste. That boggles my mind! ??‍♀️Triclosan is a possible endocrine disruptor (specifically thyroid) and is an immune system toxicant. Another problem with triclosan is that it “accumulates substantial amounts” on toothbrush bristles and releases into the mouth over time, even after switching to a different triclosan-free toothpaste (1,2,3,4)

Other things to watch for in toothpaste:
??Laureth Sulfate (SLES)- different than Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Many think these are the same. Both are surfactant and foaming agents (toothpaste doesn’t have to be foamy to work well ?), but the SLS rates a 1-2 on EWG due to it being a possible irritant. The SLES chemical is more important to avoid because it can possibly have this problem: a by-product called 1,4 dioxane is created in the manufacturing process of SLES. So that means that 1,4 dioxane could be in the product but is not on the ingredient label. However, the EPA shows it as a “probable human carcinogen”. (5)
??Propylene glycol: petroleum based used as a solvent and enhances skin penetration of other chemicals. (6)
??DEA: a wetting agent that is a suspected human carcinogen. (7)
??Artificial sweeteners
??Dyes (especially in children’s toothpaste)
??Artificial flavors (especially in children’s toothpaste)

Fluoride is a very controversial topic with controversial research. I personally believe you shouldn’t drink it, but whether or not you put it on your teeth is something that each person (with their individual circumstances) needs to discuss with their dentist.

And just FYI… Earthpaste is our favorite and what we use in our home. I reached out to Redmond for a discount code and they generously gave a 20% off discount for all of you. Use code: JUST20 at

A full list of my toothpaste recommendations along with my other beauty product recommendations can be found HERE. I believe that taking small steps like this towards a healthier and non-toxic life are what creates a sustainable difference! Do you have a favorite healthy non-toxic toothpaste? Share with me in the comments below! And for my blog post about mouthwash, click HERE.

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