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I asked 10 random people if they could name any other ingredients in their protein shake besides protein.

50% could, 50% could not.

Could you?

Go look and see if the other ingredients in your shake nourish your body, or are questionable!

This is what you’ll get in mine.


1️⃣ 100% non denatured grass-fed whey from New Zealand. One of the cleanest in the world. 

2️⃣Collagen for more protein. And the added benefits of helping the skin, hair, gut, and joints.

3️⃣Chia seeds for those important omega 3s. Did you know omega 3s help with inflammation? And did you know they are the building blocks for many hormones?

4️⃣Pumpkin seeds for added magnesium and tryptophan. Did you know tryptophan is the amino acid needed to make serotonin?

5️⃣Pea protein for additional plant protein.

1️⃣Cacao instead of cocoa. Cacao comes from beans that have been fermented but not roasted, so more of its nutrients are intact.

2️⃣Redmond sea salt so we could get the trace minerals in.

3️⃣Coconut milk, stevia leaf, and monk fruit for sweetness.

????????And 3rd party lab tested for heavy metals and other chemicals. 
????????Gluten free and made in a gluten free facility

No artificial sweeteners
No sugar alcohols
No artificial flavors
No natural flavors
No preservatives 
No gums, thickeners, emulsifiers
Made with real food. 

????????This was made so I could just put in water, shake, and drink while I enjoy it. Rather than feel like I’m going to gag after drinking it! 

A popular organic protein brand does 20 servings – $59.99
A popular cleaner protein powder that is not organic sells 30 servings – $54.99
Just Ingredients (organic) 30 servings – $54.99

????At FItCon this weekend it will be $45 ????????????????????????

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