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Dry Shampoo & Better Choices

By January 28, 20202 Comments

?Beauty products – Dry Shampoo

Many women use dry shampoo on a daily basis, usually in a relatively small area with limited ventilation (the bathroom). Consider the ingredients that are found in many dry shampoos:
??Butane, propane, and isobutane – 3 ingredients that are common in aerosol dry shampoo are. This combination is known as LPG or liquid petroleum gas. The EWG rates all three of these as being skin irritants and having toxicant and allergen concerns. (1,2,3)
??Artificial fragrance – is also in dry shampoo and the chemicals from it can be circulating in the air. Fragrance can be a combination of 3,100 chemical ingredients associated with hormone disruption to allergic reactions. The phthalates in these fragrances are known endocrine disruptors (mimic your own hormones). (4)
?? Talc

The ?? brands pictured above are:
Acure, Be Green, Beauty By Earth, Monat, Morrocco Method, Organically Wonderful, and Primally Pure.

You also can use items like corn starch, rice starch, baby powder (talc free), and diatomaceous earth, if those work for your hair type. Have you already made the swap for a better choice dry shampoo? I’d love to hear what your favorite dry shampoo product is in the comments! For my last blog post about hair dye and better options, click HERE.

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  • Christine says:

    Thank you so much for the incredible options you share…it is so hard to find the amazing small businesses out there that are creating healthy products and you make it very simple!

  • Karalynne says:

    I am so glad to hear that it is helpful! Thank you for being here, Christine!

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