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Easter Basket Ideas

????It’s almost Easter! ????Are you preparing?

Do I teach that organic candy is a must for Easter? Nope!

Do I teach that no candy should be given on Easter? Nope!

Do I teach that on a regular basis we should provide nourishing foods for our children and ourselves? Yep!

Do I teach we should reduce our overall sugar load? Yep!

So I LOVE to try to come up with other things than just candy to give on Easter. Money, beauty products, art supplies, summer toys, gift cards, etc are favorites for my kids. 

Is organic candy a “better” choice candy? Yes. Only because it doesn’t have the above ingredients. But it’s still candy. Candy full of sugar.

But organic is helpful for those with children sensitive to artificial dyes. Those with children allergic to corn syrup. Those trying to avoid glyphosate. (That’s why the ideas of candy swaps posted).

????????????So enjoy the holiday. Don’t feel guilty. There’s a plethora of ideas out there. And make the choices that are best for you, your family’s health, and your budget.

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