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Eco-Friendly Ideas!

By April 28, 2020No Comments

☀️HAPPY Earth Day!! ?

Just as I say the best approach to making better food and hygiene choices, is taking baby steps. One change at a time. It’s the same with eco friendly products. Try swapping out one item for a better eco friendly product.

If everyone in the world swapped out one item to a more eco friendly item, could you image how much that would benefit our planet? It would be incredible.

Pictured above are just some swaps to think about. Maybe choose 1 swap you could make!

Silicon straws
Stainless steel straws
Silicon bags (instead of ziplocks)
Glass food containers
Recyclable parchment paper
Stainless steel cup
Bamboo serving utensils
Mesh produce bags
Bees wax
Earth friendly yard products
Baking soda for cleaning products
Bamboo bed sheets
An Avocado mattress
Naked Poppy make up
And this list could go on and on. So click the link in my bio that will take you to more of my favorite eco friendly products

And to help celebrate ?Earth Day, 2 companies are offering discount codes for this week???? .
1️⃣Mighty Nest: First box of beeswax wrap for only $3 with code JUSTINGREDIENTS @mightynest

2️⃣Earth Hero. 15% off all week long to celebrate earth day with code EARTHWEEK @shopearthhero
Both companies offer a wide variety of eco friendly products!
What are some of your favorite ways to be eco friendly or some of your favorite eco friendly items you use❓

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