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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By November 12, 2020No Comments

Taking a break (just for today) from summer salads, to bring you some Father’s Day info so you have it in plenty of time.

Women many times are more concerned about toxic products than their husband/boyfriend. So buying a non toxic item for Father’s Day is the perfect timing (or excuse) to get them something healthier ?. So here are some resources to help you out:

1️⃣ If you click the link in my bio, I’ve put some fun Father’s Day gift ideas on there (more than what’s shown above). Click Favorite Father’s Day gift ideas.
2️⃣You can also go to my website at Click on Favorite Summer and Father’s Day gifts. This page also has discount codes for products men might like. And I’m adding to these codes daily.
3️⃣I created a Men’s Hygiene Guide ????. Followers have asked me for this for months and months. It has 25 categories such as: aftershave, beard balm, cologne, body wash, hair gel, dandruff shampoo, and more. Each category has multiple suggestions.
Hours and hours of research has been poured into this and I can’t find a better guide on the market.
It’s my dream that we start voting more with our dollars and we see more and more better choice products be made by companies!
To purchase, click the link in my bio and it’s found under the My Cheat Sheets and Product Guides.
What’s a great gift idea you are giving or have given your husband or father❓

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