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Finding the Root Cause

By January 15, 2021No Comments

Day 6 –
I’m incredibly grateful for those medical personnel, clinics, dietitians/nutritionists, counselors and therapists trying to help others heal and get on a health journey.

In the beginning of 2020, I knew something was not quite right with my daughter. She was constantly tired, too tired for a typical 6 year old. She started getting random rashes under her eyes. Her stomach hurt quite often and she wasn’t the happy 6 year old I knew.

I quickly figured out her stomach issues were from gluten. I took her off gluten and that helped a little. I knew I was feeding her healthy in the home but knew something else was going on in her body. The problem, I couldn’t put a finger on it and I knew some testing was needed.

So off to a new pediatrician we went (because my pediatrician I loved for years and years retired this year). And the appointment was pointless. The doctor said… “well you’ve done what is right. Just keep her off gluten. That’s the best solution.” I was like really, I didn’t need to pay a copay for that. I knew that! I literally had to beg for any other type of testing or solutions. Oh I was beyond frustrated!

So I called my friend Juanique @gutsy_mom and asked her to do a hair dna analysis test on her. We quickly found out she wasn’t absorbing her b vitamins, had high metal toxicity, and her liver needed some detoxing.

We addressed those issues, and my daughter is a happy full of energy little girl… with better healthier hair growing in (random side note).

If your doctor doesn’t want to help you or maybe just can’t, find one that can. There are amazing doctors and clinics helping others to find their root causes. And I’m so incredibly grateful for them! Not just for my daughter’s health but for helping me years ago as well!

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