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That’s like saying… it rains and snows in the winter, but winters aren’t cold.

They go hand in hand.

I hear quite often from people that they agree on food affecting our health, but yet they disagree that food is healing. Medicine is healing.
When my dad had a heart attack, days later in the hospital a dietician came in and went over foods that would be helpful and foods he should stay away from.

When my mom had seizures and was admitted to the hospital, they found out she had type 2 diabetes. A dietician came and taught her for hours what she should and shouldn’t eat. She even attended nutrition classes at the hospital to learn more.

Dieticians play an important role in the hospitals because they teach those suffering with new illnesses what foods would be most beneficial to their health ??. Because the food can be either healing or detrimental depending on the illness.

So years ago when my husbands triglycerides were at 510, the doctor gave him the option of cholesterol lowering medicine or 3 months of cleaning up his diet and then retesting at that point. He ate oatmeal every morning, cut out processed junk food, ate only whole food ingredients, and his cholesterol lowered hundreds of points. I’ve seen my own symptoms, my sisters symptoms, my brothers synptoms, my uncles symptoms all be changed by diet. But many in the medical field call these types of stories anecdotes, pseudoscience, or not science.

?So for those that want science, and keep telling me food is not medicine or healing, the pictures above are 9 studies (all that IG will allow to post) out of thousands and thousands of studies showing how food can benefit our health, and therefore play a roll in our healing, like medicine. This post does not state food is all medicine. Medicine can play a very important role as well. We all know medicines have been lifesaving and amazing.

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