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Food Storage & What to Have a Little”Extra” of…

By March 4, 2020No Comments

Frequently asked questions❓- What should I put in my food storage, or have a little extra of on hand?

We never know when an earthquake will hit, or be without running water, or be quarantined for a disease. We obviously hope none of the above happens, but nature happens and life happens.

So instead of feeding into fear or the hysteria, be educated and be prepared. Knowledge and preparedness destroy the power of fear.

Just like on a health journey I encourage to take baby steps, it is the same with food storage. Don’t go buy thousands of dollars worth of stuff and go into debt over it. Just over time pick up a few items that might be nice to have.

Ask yourself, could my family or those in my home continue as normal for 3 days if an emergency happened? Could we last 7 days and the kids not even notice a difference in our home life? Could we go 2 weeks?

Here are things that I like to have on hand, when thinking about keeping life as normal for my family for 2 weeks: (and side note… I try to choose items that would have multiple purposes).

1️⃣ Raw honey
2️⃣ Coconut oil
3️⃣ Frozen or freeze dried fruits and vegetables
4️⃣ Legumes
5️⃣ Whole grains
6️⃣ Vinegar
7️⃣ Water
8️⃣ Immune boosters
9️⃣ Cash, small bills
? This would be whatever else you felt like your family needed: flashlight, candles, batteries, paper goods, etc.

Remember that just like in a health journey, the process does not need to be overwhelming. Start small with baby steps and eventually you will feel well prepared for your family in case there is an emergency. Know someone who could benefit from this blog post? Send them a link to spread the word!

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