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Food Storage

By November 12, 2020No Comments

Food storage – are you prepared❓

2020 has been a year of all sorts of unpredictable events.

As a mom, if some crazy crisis or disaster happens, I never want to be without food to feed my kids. So my husband and I have been reevaluating our food storage.

We realized we were short on fruits, vegetables, meat/eggs, and any type of dairy products.

Years ago, I helped with a food storage coop and we did a blind taste test of many emergency preparedness company’s food. Thrive Life (pictured above) won hands down every time for the best tasting.

Thrive Life fruit and vegetables are:
-picked right at peak time from farms that use no gmo’s, nor glyphosate.
-then flash frozen within 2-4 hours.
-then put in freezers to be freeze dried. This allows them to lock in all of the nutrients.
-only the fruit or vegetable itself. No added ingredients. Potatoes are just potatoes. Etc.

These foods are canned without oxygen, light, or water so they are able to store for 35+ years.

For emergency preparedness food, this is the best tasting, most nutritional, and best ingredients I can find.

Remember as with all projects or journies, one step at a time. A little at a time. Years ago, I budgeted $50 a month, and after a few years, my food storage had grown quite a bit.

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