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Frozen Pizza + Homemade Crust Recipe!

By January 15, 2020No Comments

Convenient foods in the freezer – Frozen pizza

Many families love to have a pizza night, especially on weekends.

Traditional frozen pizza ingredients have some concerns:

➡️Crust- wheat sprayed with glyphosate, dough conditioners
➡️Meat- nitrates
➡️BHA/BHT- artificial preservatives
➡️Canola/soybean/cottonseed oils- chemically processed, highly refined, gmo
➡️Artificial flavors


1️⃣Find a premade crust – organic or sprouted are great options
2️⃣Use an organic sauce from a jar or homemade
3️⃣Use a cheese of your choice
4️⃣Put lots of vegetables on it


Use a natural yeast and make your own pizza.

Why sprouted grains❓

??Sprouted grains make nutrients more bioavailable. Sprouting reduces antinutrients by 37-81%. (1)
??Sprouting grains increases nutrients like protein, amino acids and folate. (2)
??One study showed that sprouting wheat increased iron absorption by over 200% (3)
??Sprouting grains partially breaks down the starch, therefore the amount of carbs. (4)

Why a natural yeast❓(Sourdough starter)

??The lactic acid in a sourdough starter releases antioxidants and creates million of good bacteria for your gut during fermentation. (5)
??It also degrades the gluten and the amount of it diminishes(6)
??Sourdough slows the speed at which sugar enters the blood stream (no blood sugar spike) (7)
?? Sourdough may “improve the properties and bioavailability of dietary fibre complex and phytochemicals, and may increase the uptake of minerals. Microbial metabolism during sourdough fermentation may also produce new nutritionally active compounds, such as peptides and amino acid derivatives” (8)

I hope this blog post was helpful! Let me know if you try this recipe. Not only is it a better option to make your own pizza crust, but it is so much more fun with the family!

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