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Frozen Waffles + Homemade Waffle Recipe

By January 7, 2020No Comments

Convenient items found in the freezer?? – Frozen Waffles

With holiday vacations over and school back in, sometimes there are mornings that call for a quick convenient breakfast.

What to look for in frozen waffles? I love ones with whole grains and no man made chemicals.

What does whole grain mean?

It means all 3 parts of the kernel are used. The 3 parts are:

1️⃣Bran – the hard, outer shell. It contains fiber, minerals, and antioxidants.

2️⃣Endosperm – middle layer of the grain that is mostly made up of carbs.

3️⃣Germ -the inner layer that has vitamins, minerals, protein, and plant compounds.

Grains can be rolled, crushed, cut, flaked, or cracked. If all 3 parts are in their original proportion, they are considered whole grain.
??Refined grains – germ and bran removed, leaving only the endosperm. Therefore, it’s mainly carbs, without the amazing health benefits. White flour is an example of this.

When you eat refined flour, your digestive system breaks it down and absorbs it like sugar. This causes your blood sugar to spike, which activates insulin, a hormone that puts all those free sugar molecules into cells, causing your blood sugar to drop. Over time, this pattern can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance. (1)

Refined flours have had over 20 essential phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber stripped from them. And enriched flours only put 5 of them back, one being folic acid which many bodies don’t absorb well. (1)

Common varieties of whole grains include:

brown rice
whole rye
wild rice
wheat berry

According to the WHO, one of the biggest health benefits of whole grains is that they lower your risk of heart disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide (2).
??And just FYI… wheat bread does not use all 3 parts of the kernel, unless it says WHOLE wheat bread. But make sure it’s not a mix of whole wheat flour and regular enriched flour. Marketing can be sneaky!

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