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❓Wait..what is this❓

For the next few posts, they will be on items that when I tell people they should use them, they respond back with, “wait, what is it?” I get that response most often with glutathione.

What is this❓
1️⃣Glutathione is an antioxidant found in almost every cell of the body. Many call it the “Master Antioxidant” of or the “Mother” of all antioxidants or the “Master Detoxer.”

2️⃣Glutathione is the 2nd most abundant molecule in the body, just behind water

3️⃣The liver is able to make glutathione, which is not the case for most antioxidants

4️⃣Glutathione is heavily involved in the detoxification of both synthetic and naturally occurring toxins found in the body. It directs the toxins to excrete from the cells, remove from the body, and also directly neutralizes many oxidative chemicals.

(Basically it helps to make toxins water soluble so you can get them out of your body?)

5️⃣Glutathione helps to remove heavy metals from the body tissues.

Heavy metals today like cadmium, lead, and mercury can cause harm. They bind to our tissues, create damaging free radicals (or you might have heard it called oxidative stress), disrupt our hormones, and interfere with the absorption of important minerals like magnesium.

6️⃣Glutathione works around the clock, every day, to remove the toxins

7️⃣It’s one of the most important nutrients not just for detoxification of your body, but for optimal health as well. It can also help with making dna, supporting immune function, breaking down free radicals, forming sperm cells, and more.

How it’s depleted in our body❓

Glutathione levels in the body may be reduced by a number of factors, including poor nutrition, toxins, overuse of antibiotics, alcohol, and stress. Its levels also can decline with age.

Where is glutathione found❓
Glutathione is in some foods, but it is not very effective at increasing your levels because it is broken down during digestion, with only a small amount making it to your tissues.

There are foods that increase the activity of GST enzymes (enzymes that help glutathione attach to toxins during detoxification). High-sulfur foods (like this pictured above) do this.

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