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Halloween Swaps

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Halloween Swaps?

BEFORE… I understood companies actually made products with carcinogens in them.

BEFORE… I knew many products had endocrine disruptors in them.

BEFORE…I realized endocrine disruptors meant they mimicked your real hormones and therefore contributed to your hormones being off balance.

BEFORE… I was educated that hormones play a role in your weight, ability to lose weight, metabolism, anxiety/depression, infertility, blood pressure, thyroid functions, insulin roles, heart rate, sleep cycles, body temperature, autoimmune issues, PCOS, immunity, digestive issues, gut health, and the list goes on and on.

BEFORE… I realized products affected our health.

NOW… I understand there are better choices out there for almost any product on the market.

NOW… I understand I have the option to choose the better choice if I want to.

NOW… I understand that if my health is a concern to me, I may have to do some rebudgeting to buy the better choice products. Some are a little more expensive due to many of them being manufactured by small companies.

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