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Hamburger Buns

By November 12, 2020No Comments

??4th of July – hamburger buns
**UPDATE** – I’m so bummed. Somehow when formatting the recipe the water and sugar got deleted and I didn’t catch it. So add to the recipe… 1 cup warm water and 3 Tbs cane sugar.

Why pay more for organic buns? Or why make homemade sourdough buns?

Because of what you won’t get!
When you buy an organic processed food like buns, you’re ensuring that it will NOT include:

1️⃣Wheat that has been sprayed with glyphosate. Conventional wheat is usually sprayed with glyphosate 7-14 days before harvest to dry the crops out. This allows all the crops to be harvested at the same time. According to the IARC (International Agency fo Research on Cancer) glyphosate is a probable carcinogen and there are known biological effects on the body from it.

2️⃣GMO oils like soy and canola. These oils come from crops that have been genetically modified to survive glyphosate being sprayed on them.

3️⃣High fructose corn syrup which is a highly processed, genetically modified corn product.

4️⃣Artificial additives like mono- and diglycerides and DATEM. These are added to processed bread products as emulsifiers and stabilizers to keep the product on the shelf longer.

And if you take the time to make sourdough buns, you get all of the health benefits of sourdough. Watch today’s IG story to learn how to make homemade hamburger buns using the famous hamburger bun recipe from @amberskitchen


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