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Heartburn & Spring Time Seasonal Allergies

By April 9, 2020No Comments

Medicines – heartburn and ? spring time seasonal allergies

I’m sure the majority of you have heard about the recall of Zantac. Here are my thoughts:

1️⃣You are the only person that decides what goes into your body. Therefore you’re the person to be educated to know what is nourishing for your body and what is not. Every marketing person out there is going to make it sound like their product is “just fine.” But In reality, you’re the one that gets to decide that!

For years, groups have been trying to get ingredients banned by the FDA. For 30+ years groups tried to get partially hydrogenated oil banned. They showed it causing heart issues and cancer. Partially hydrogenated oil was found in popular household crackers and cookies. Finally in January 2020, it was eliminated from products on the market.

Yellow 5 and yellow 6 exist today. Throughout the years, yellow 1,2,3, and 4 have all been banned. Along with red 1,2,4 and others. (1)

Last week Zantac was pulled from the shelves. The FDA says “levels of a contaminant in the heartburn medications increase over time and when stored at higher-than-normal temperatures, pose a risk to public health. The contaminant, N-nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA, is a probable human carcinogen.” (2)

2️⃣Remember there is always a better choice product.

Genexa is a brand that makes medicines commonly found in many households… heartburn, seasonal allergy, cold medicines, and more. But they are made without the:
Artificial dyes
Artificial flavors
Artificial sweeteners
Artifical preservatives
Questionable ingredients

3️⃣If searching for a seasonal allergy medicine this spring ?, this one by Genexa is the one we use. I know I can trust it’s ingredients!

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