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Heavy Metals Baby Food

Heavy metal baby food article – I’m all about educating others, and this definitely taught people some new things. I’m glad we are pushing for more transparency for our food. I believe this needs to be done. But the article also stressed out many of you. So, from a mom, concerned about children’s nutrition, this is what I want to say to you after reading the article.

1️⃣Once we know better we do better.
We can’t change the past. So don’t stress over what you have or haven’t fed your kids.

2️⃣With time comes more knowledge. For instance:

For years and years rice cereal has been given as one of babies first foods. 

We now know that rice (all rice, including organic) absorbs arsenic through soil and groundwater. Lots of food contain some amount of arsenic, but because of how rice is grown it contains higher levels than most other food.

So with time, we now know a baby’s first food does not need to be rice cereal or even a cereal at all. A great first food is avocados or squash.

But it you want a cereal, multigrain or organic oatmeal options are a great swap for rice cereal.

3️⃣Remember, rice is found in more baby foods than just cereals, such as puffs and teething crackers. Simply limit or replace these with other options.

4️⃣Feed your baby a wide variety of foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables.

5️⃣Feeding your child healthier options does not equal more money!

I KNOW from personal experience. We were so tight financially when I had littles. We had many years of failing businesses and job losses. 

Some ways to save:
– grind kernels into baby cereal
– blend vegetables in your blender as their first foods
– serve your children whatever you are eating
– with the 3 above, that means you don’t have to spend money on jars of baby food or pouches (I’d buy a few to have as back up in my diaper bags)
– don’t buy the baby snacks (the ones marketed just for babies, they are so pricey)

6️⃣Remember you’re trying and doing your best. But your best may look different than someone else’s best.

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