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Homemade Used to Imply a Better Option

Heard an older gentleman in the store say… “this younger generation is so into all this organic stuff. Just eat your food.”

Well, the reason we are so into this is because we are educated and know what’s happened to our food. Our organic food is more like the food you got to eat growing up, you just didn’t have to label it as organic.

When younger, your food was not genetically modified to withstand glyphosate (a weed killer).

Most of your food was not filled with artificial sweeteners.

Your milk and meat did not have growth hormones in them.

Your oats and wheat most likely weren’t sprayed with glyphosate to make harvesting quicker.

Your food was to nourish your body.

That’s all we want now too, is food to nourish our bodies.

AND, we don’t necessarily need organic, we’re just reading labels to find better choice products. 

So in reality, we actually are probably more alike than we are different❤️

Dates from the FDA website:


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