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How I Started My Health Journey

By February 20, 2020February 26th, 2020No Comments

Frequently asked questions❓- what were some of the first things you did on your health journey to begin your healing ❓
I get asked this on a daily basis. And there are so many things that I did to work on my healing. It was years of improving my nutrition, lessening toxins, and years of working with different doctors. It wasn’t just a quick fix or one thing that did it. There isn’t one prescribed healing route for everyone. Oh how I wish there was :). And everyone’s healing journey and health journey look different. This is what worked for me, and these tips can apply to anyone trying to live a healthier life.

After getting tests done by my medical doctor, we knew we had 5 or 6 areas we had to work on.

These were the first 3 I worked on:

1️⃣Reducing inflammation with certain foods:
The first ingredient she wanted me to eliminate was partially hydrogenated oils (now thankfully banned by the FDA) and all other trans fat found in processed foods. Not even knowing what a trans fat looked like on a label, I soon realized trans fats could be in anything that had partially hydrogenated, hydrogenated, or mono and diglycerides on the label.

2️⃣Support my gut health:
She suggested I look at adding some probiotic foods into my diet. Not knowing what probiotic foods were, I soon found out that fermented foods had lots of probiotics. But I also found that fermented foods were sort of gross at first. So I ate them more as medicine than anything else. Because I hadn’t ever eaten fermented foods, she also suggested I get on a probiotic to help support the good bacteria in the gut as well. My favorite probiotic is from Silverfern. You can get 10% off with code JUST10.

The Kettle & Fire bone broth is another favorite for gut support. You can get 15% off automatically applied at checkout and free shipping with purchase of 6 boxes. 

3️⃣Balance hormones:
I had multiple reasons why my hormones were off, but one of the many things I did to help support my hormones was take ashwagandha and rhodiola (but there are a plethora of different herbs and adaptogens that would help). I like The Reserve (You can get 30% off with code JUSTINGREDIENTS), or if you prefer pill-form over powder, I also like Life Seasons.

Healing is possible from a plethora of illnesses out there. Work with a doctor, nutritionist, therapist, counselor, etc that can best help you. Everyone’s journey will look different but everyone can be on a health journey!

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