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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

By February 28, 2020No Comments

Another frequently asked question, but this one usually comes from parents with elementary school aged kids or older.

Here are some tips:

1️⃣CONTINUE: continue to serve and cook what the kids like, just choose better choice ingredients. For instance, if they love sloppy joes, continue to make sloppy joes but maybe use grassfed beef, throw some fresh chopped tomatoes, garlic, and onion in it. And maybe ditch the canned sauce.

This applies to their school lunches too: CONTINUE. Continue packing what they love but with better choice ingredients. If they love peanut butter and jam sandwiches, continue to make peanut butter and jam sandwiches. But maybe use a peanut butter that has no hydrogenated oil and a brand that is just peanuts and salt. For the jam, find one without high fructose corn syrup. And for bread find one that is organic so you know the wheat hasn’t been sprayed with glyphosate. Then overtime maybe try to change that peanut butter to even a healthier choice, like a seed or 7 nut butter.

2️⃣NOT ALL AT ONCE: don’t change everything all at once. For instance, if your children always have a chewy granola bar and a Capri sun in their lunches, maybe first swap to a water each day. Once they are used to having water daily, then change out their granola bar.

3️⃣ADD IN: add in more veggies into their meals. Maybe that berry smoothie in the morning now has spinach in it as well. Or maybe those pancakes in the morning now have spinach in them too. Or that chicken pasta at dinner is chicken, pasta, and veggies.

4️⃣BE CONSISTENT: Don’t let the kids think you’re trying out some new diet or new fad, that is going to last 2 weeks at most ?. Let them see this is a continuous health journey you’re on to better the health of everyone in your home.

5️⃣EDUCATE: Knowledge is power. Teach your kids why you’re making switches. Teach why you’re switching the Capri suns to water. Teach why you’re adding vegetables to your dinner, and how the vegetables are full of fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals. Teach them what those are. As parents, we teach our children a plethora of things, why not how to best take care of their body too!

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