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One of the most common questions I get in DM’s is how to pick a good multivitamin.

Remember, multivitamins are a supplement which means they are supposed to supplement, not replace, a good diet full of fruits and vegetables!  

Here are some things to think about when looking for a good one:

????????Do the vitamins come from natural or synthetic sources?

Whole food sources of vitamins will come from the actual food. For example, vitamin C from a vitamin C rich food source like the amla berry, camu-camu berry or acerola cherry. Typically, whole food vitamins will be made from fruits and vegetables that have been dehydrated and then concentrated in a capsule.

Synthetic vitamins are created and contain isolated nutrients rather than a whole range of co-factors and enzymes that come from whole food sources. (1)

Does it matter? Here are 3 good examples:

1️⃣Natural vitamin E was shown to be absorbed by the body twice as effectively as synthetic vitamin E! (2)

3️⃣Folate (vitamin B9) is naturally converted to 5-MTHF which is the biologically active form. Folic acid, the synthetic form, is not converted by the body well and then the unmetabolized folic acid can build up in the bloodstream. (3)

3️⃣Vitamin C has many components and the synthetic version, ascorbic acid, is just a fraction of what whole food vitamin C offers. Whole food vitamin C includes many more nutrients like rutin, factor K, factor J, factor P and tyrosinase, etc. These co-factors make vitamin C active in the body. (4)

Side notes:
1. It is up to you and your doctor if your child needs a multivitamin daily. Every child and every ones diets are different.
2. If looking for a dropper multivitamin for babies, Wellements carries a good one.
3. The organic version of Smarty Pants is made from some whole food sources.
4. If looking for iron in your mulitvitamins, Mary Ruth’s has an iron liquid that is easy to add on with multivitamin
5. What about Mary Ruth’s multivitamins? I LOVE their elderberry. I LOVE that their vit C is from the amla berry. I LOVE so many of their products!!! I just don’t use their multivitamin, since it’s not food based.

**this is not a comprehensive list!!!

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