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How to Understand Someone Struggling Mentally

By March 31, 2020August 5th, 2021No Comments

…What if you rate your depression, anxiety, or mental challenge you’re dealing with on a scale from 1 to 10. (This little tidbit of advice from a therapist was lifesaving for my husband to understand where I was at at times).
On this scale, a 1 or a 2 is having a bad day, feeling alone, feeling like this trial is never going to end. or feeling like they can’t have one more child tug on their leg. Where a 9 or 10 is a place of very serious dark thoughts where thoughts of ending their life is consuming them.

One person may state they are “mentally struggling” and solutions like going on a walk, socializing with a friend, or doing something nice for someone will help them, because they are at a 1-4 or so on the scale.

But another person may state they are “mentally struggling”, yet they are having very dark thoughts, can’t function in daily tasks, and are ready to end their life. Someone like this is most likely not going to feel better by going on a walk or doing something nice for someone. They need medical or professional attention ASAP.

Many are struggling mentally right now. I know because you’ve reached out to me. And I got the worst news last week, when I found out my friend’s sibling ended his life. My heart breaks for the family. And it breaks, because he told many around him he was angry and depressed, yet they didn’t realize the severity, because these words have such a range of meaning.

So during this time, if you’re one dealing with a mental health challenge or you are one supporting someone, try using a 1 to 10 scale to clarify severity and possible solutions.

And if you’re one struggling, remember there is hope and healing ahead! Don’t give up! After every storm is a rainbow!

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