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Human Trafficking Awareness

By November 12, 2020No Comments

July 30th – World Human Trafficking Awareness Day

I’m taking a break from ingredients in food and products for today and tomorrow to talk about important ingredients to life.

Being a mom of 6 children, since I’ve known about child trafficking, my heart has ached for these children sold or taken into trafficking.

What a dark evil.

Because as parents I believe some of the best ingredients in life are educating and protecting our children, I want to SPEAK UP, RISE UP, and raise awareness to this problem.

I’ve followed OUR, also known as Operation Underground Railroad, from the beginning (because I know Tim Ballard from our childhood days) so I always had an interest in what he was doing with this organization.

The OUR organization has rescued 4000 survivors so far and put thousands of predators in jail.

July 30th many cities are having demonstrations or fundraisers. These are demonstrations for pro-children movements, to raise awareness.

I personally will be at the concert here in my city on July 30, sponsored by OUR, that will be fundraising for this cause. Watch my IG story for more info!

And stay tuned for tomorrow. I’m so excited to tell you about my birthday fundraising challenge ?

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