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☀️Summer ????
People eat ice cream, so let’s discuss!

What is worth it?

Ice cream is ice cream. 

It’s a treat. Not a daily food staple.

If it’s not a daily staple in the home, it’s probably not in your grocery budget. 

So, when you splurge to buy it, what price is worth it? Is a dollar or 2 more on a splurge worth it?

Everyone is at a different point in their health journey.

For many, buying a better choice, doesn’t necessarily mean organic. It might just mean buying without artificial ingredients.

If you’re just starting your health journey, maybe a “good” choice is worth it for you. Maybe for others only a “best” choice is what they are looking for.

So take the few minutes to read labels and try to find an ice cream with fewer non nourishing ingredients. 

????????I try to avoid:
High fructose corn syrup
Corn syrup
Artificial dyes
Artificial sweeteners
Artificial preservatives
Artificial flavors
Polysorbate 80
Mono and diglycerides (possible trans fat)
Propylene glycol
Glyphosate (main ingredient in round up)

Because there is no perfect store bought ice cream… the better choice ones still either have a lot of sugar, sugar alcohols, or gums. Sugar alcohols and gums are not toxic by any means. But some people have digestive issues with them and so I wouldn’t call them nourishing ingredients.

☀️In my opinion, the “best” ice cream is homemade where you can add fruits and have control over the amount of sugar you add.

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