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In Person School Supplies

By November 12, 2020No Comments

?Back to School ✏️- in person school items

1️⃣Disposable lunches – Many schools are requiring lunches that are brought from home to consist of completely disposable items. Is your school? That could add up to a lot of plastic being used!

Avoiding plastic when possible and using recyclable or biodegradable items can help to reduce the amount of plastic that goes to landfills.

91% of plastic used isn’t recycled and 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flow into the oceans each year.(1)

Here are some items that have better disposable options that can be switched for what you may have sent for school lunches in the past:

Lunch bags – recyclable brown paper lunch bags
Snacks bags – sealable and recyclable
Dipping cups – compostable cups
Utensils- biodegradable wooden cutlery
Boxed water or stainless steel water bottles

2️⃣Water bottles – our school has turned off drinking fountains and water bottles are required. A stainless steel water bottle is such a great option for this!

Did you know:
-Nearly 1,000,000 plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute.
-Bottled water costs approximately 2,000 times more than tap water. Tap water costs about two-tenths of a penny and a liter of water from the store is about a dollar. (1,2,3)

3️⃣Masks- these are required. My favorite are made from bamboo. Most bamboo is naturally organic. It is also antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking, and so much easier to breathe in!

Remember to wash your masks frequently to avoid other infections/illnesses. And pictured above are my favorite laundry soap to wash them in, so the kids are not breathing any toxic ingredients in from the soap.

4️⃣Hand sanitizers – many teachers are requiring students to have their own. I do not want my kids over sanitizing. I want their good bacteria to remain on their hands. So I’ve sent my kids with the Active Skin Repair and knowledge of when it’s best to use it.

Have you seen the new FDA warning to stop use of all hand sanitizers that use methanol or 1-propanol? This exposure can result in nausea, headache, blindness, seizures, coma, and damage to the nervous system. Do you know what’s in the hand sanitizers you use? (4)

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