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Ingredient Swaps: Adding Veggies to Nourish

By April 14, 2020No Comments

Things we are doing this week stuck at home ?- trying to add veggies in our dinners.

Before my illness I never thought, “oh, I can eat to nourish my body” until someone taught me that.

After finding out my body was full of inflammation, had a gut with issues, adrenals not working properly, a system not absorbing vitamins properly, and more, I quickly learned to eat to nourish my body.

At a time like now, we need bodies that can fight infection. Bodies with immune systems that can do the best job they can to fight viruses. Bodies that are strong.

The recipe above has these foods to nourish your body:
onion – contains vit c, and quercetin, an anti inflammatory antioxidant.
garlic – contains allicin, which can boost the immune system and help regulate insulin spikes.
?celery – contains 12 antioxidants. Aids in digestions and reducing inflammation.
?mushrooms – contains beta glucan a fiber linked to improving some illnesses, selenium, and B vitamins.
?carrots – contains beta carotene, vitamin K1, potassium.
peas – has vit k and can help with blood sugar control.
?bone broth – has sulfur and glutathione, which helps the liver detox. Contains collagen which can help the lining of your gut. Contains amino acids, trace minerals, and prebiotics.

Yes sometimes eating healthier does cost a little more, so that’s where you get to decide for your situation if it’s worth the investment in your heath or if it’s worth the time it may take to rearrange other areas of your budget.

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